Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For Adoro

Can I be St. Joan of Arc?

Can you make sure the Dominicans in their black-and-white habits are prolific throughout, and make sure the evil governments that were the ones actually killing people look as nasty as they actually were? Can I be "burned at the stake" as long as it authentically reveals who was in charge of the burning?

You might want to have a guitilline in order to show the butchery of the State and the Mercy of the Inquisitors who saved so many from the fanaticism of the State....
Ooohhhhh.....Dominicans in black and white? Perfect! Those are my colors after all! For that suggestion, Adoro, you can most definitely be St. Joan of Arc.

Since you asked, the short version of the story is that my family is a version of protestant that buys into all the myths about Catholicism. I occasionally get tired of their remarks and start making jokes to keep myself sane.

Currently there's some discontent in the family about the fact that I'm planning a Catholic wedding. I've told my mother that unless she tells her family to back off, that I'm going to plan the most over-the-top Catholic wedding--one that buys into all of the stereotypes.

We're planning the wedding for the fall of next year, right around Halloween. The idea of a Halloween themed reception quickly morphed into an Inquisition themed reception.

My grandmother informed Adam that she will not be attending the wedding because she can't be part of a ceremony for two people who've left The Lord's ChurchTM to join a "Man Made Religion."


Adoro said...

That's so sad...but what a way to handle the anti-Catholicism from the people who actually ARE in a man-made religion. * sigh *

It would be HILARIOUS and of course, extremely memorable if you DID carry out an Inquisition-themed reception! lol

~Joseph the Worker said...

My whole family ended up showing up for the blessing of my marriage - they had to attend my confirmation and first communion at the Easter Vigil in order to do so...My dad said "I just don't like how you all bow to the priest all the time, like he's something special". I had no idea what he was talking about for a while, but then realized he thought we were bowing to him when we were bowing to the blessed sacrament...