Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Happenings From 9/30

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And, I was born an undisclosed number of years ago.

Another Blast from the Past

The Post
by Sara Burns

Ohio's men's lacrosse team is going to the National Collegiate Lacrosse League Final Four in Annapolis, Md. this weekend. Ohio defeated Grove City College yesterday 10-5 on the South Green Athletics Fields.
"We played really well and came out firing," club vice president Ian Hill said. "We did a heck of a job."
The first quarter was fairly well matched with Grove City scoring the first goal. The Bobcats came back though, with Dave Lewis, the NCLL's leading scorer, adding two more goals to his total. Grove City came from behind to tie the game with a goal scored by Dave Coleman with seven minutes left in the quarter.
Grove City posed no threat in the second quarter, though. Ohio's Sean Goonan and Todd Seyler each scored one to put Ohio up 4-2. Grove City's Brad Kellogg said the team was tired out after a long bus ride and was just out hustled.
The third quarter was closer with Lewis adding yet another goal. Goonan was called for a slashing penalty, but Tim Leary still managed to add a goal for the team. Grove City made a valiant run, scoring two goals, but was kept from tying the game when Leary scored his second goal of the quarter.
The final quarter went slowly until Bobcat Steve Barth put Ohio up 8-4. Both teams received penalties, but Seyler scored his second goal of the game. Ohio fought for the next few minutes, but made no more progress toward the win. Then, Grove City's Darryl Hockstra scored his team's final goal of the game. Leary went on to score the final goal.
Team members feel confident they will do well against Maryland this weekend. Team President Eric Gleckler said he thinks the team can do very well. He's not the only one.
"Whether we win or lose we made it to the Final Four," club member Todd Baylor said. "We're playing club level teams that are better than some of the varsity."
- Jill Shriver contributed to this story.

The Post 5/1/1997

A Blast From the Past.

The Post
by Sara Burns
Since the end of Winter Quarter is here, students' thoughts turn to spring and, more importantly, Spring Break.
An impromptu survey of Wednesday's dinner crowd at Jefferson Dining Hall revealed the most common Spring Break destination to be "home," wherever home may be.
People who are going home have their reasons. Some people do not think it is worth it to go anywhere.
"A week just isn't long enough," said Chrissy Seabold. She is saving her money to go somewhere during Summer Break.
Others, however, just want to go home and relax. Relaxing is what Kia Kuresman, a Jefferson Hall resident assistant, plans to do. She want to go home and "cook like it's my job" to recover from a stressful Winter Quarter.
Food is one reason many students want to go home. Most students surveyed said they wanted a nice, home-cooked meal after a quarter of dining hall food.
For people who aren't going home, Florida is the destination of choice. Many people will be spending their week in sunny Tampa, Daytona or Panama City.
Freshman Nicole Morley will visit Mickey Mouse in Orlando with her family. Mandy Boyd and Maggie Smith are going to Tampa for the week.
Of course, Florida sun or a familiar bed are not the only options.
Some OU students are going to visit relatives in other cities. They can be spotted anywhere from Washington, D.C., to Colorado. Julie Kroth said she is going to go to Memphis, Tenn., to see her "awesome" sister, while Nikki Floyd is jetting to Chicago to visit her mother.
Many of the people not going somewhere exotic for Spring Break plan to visit friends in other cities.
Kristalle Willinger said she is going to visit a friend who attends college in St. Louis.
The award for the Spring Break destination farthest from Athens goes to Oliver Albers. Albers will be spending his week in Ashkawa, Mozambique, in Africa with his uncle.
Albers has never been to Mozambique, but he has heard about the country from his uncle, who has lived there for five years. He said he wants to see the country and its people while he is visiting his uncle.
No matter where OU students end up during break, they all have the same objective - to relax. For some students, however, spring break will not be very different from their time here at OU.
"All I want to do when I go home is sleep and eat," freshman Lisa Schumann said. "Oh, wait, that's what I do here."

The Post 3/14/97

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is it bad....

that I'd rather be at home experiencing another day of a power outage than sitting through my family law class? 

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the socratic method.  I really hate this touchy-feely crap.

Friday, September 05, 2008

It's really starting to feel real now...

Adam and I met with someone from the parish last night to discuss marriage prep. We did the FOCCUS instrument and went over the basics of the marriage prep program. I paid the fee for marriage prep and the use of the church and got sent home with liturgy and pre-Cana stuff.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

How Big is the Tent Really?

I'm going to start this post with a disclaimer - I am a registered Democrat and I am even a member of the county central committee and I serve as a precinct captain.

The Democrats are theoretically the party of inclusiveness - of the big tent, if you will. I always understood the ideology of the "big tent" to mean that there was a place at the table for people with multiple viewpoints. The kerfluffle in the liberal blogosphere about the nomination of Sarah Palin for vice president is truly making me question how inclusive the party of inclusiveness really is.

Here's a middle of the post disclaimer: I am Catholic, ergo, I am pro-life.

If the Democrats were truly as inclusive as they'd like to think they are, then this shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately it is. As a more conservative Democrat, I am becoming more convinced that there is no place for me or for people like me at the Democrat table.

I come from a family of yellow-dog Democrats and I would never have ever considered voting for a Republican. The nomination of Sarah Palin for vice president is changing that. I didn't like either of the choices for president for this election, but the addition of Palin to the ticket brought a new level of respect for John McCain.

The liberal blogsphere is in a panic about Palin. They argue that she has no experience or that she's too far right. I think what the problem that they can't articulate is that Palin is highly appealing to those like me who feel we have been pushed to the fringes of the party because our relative conservativism.

Palin represents a whole generation of women who look to the excesses of the 1970s feminism and realize that it was too extreme. She is doing what many women want - raising a family and following a successful political career. I think most women can't relate to the Hilary Clintons or Gloria Steinems of the world. Sarah Palin is someone that we CAN relate to - she could be one of us. I think that scares some of the more liberal Democrats.

So, is there really a place at the Democrat table for people like me? I'm not sure. Am I going to switch my party affiliation? Probably not, especially when it comes to local politics (the local Republicans don't have the best ethical record). Is there a possibility I'd vote for a McCain-Palin ticket? There's a good possibility that I just might.