Monday, July 21, 2008

"Good News For Catholics"

Do any of my astute readers (all three of you) know anything about an organization called Good News For Catholics? I know they're anti-Catholic but other than that I haven't heard much about them.

The reason I ask is because I found one of their tracts at my grandmother's house over the Fourth of July weekend. I didn't get a good chance to look at it though, but from a quick glance it seems to be the usual "Catholics don't read the Bible so if you encourage them to read the Bible then they'll no longer be Catholic, etc..."


Kasia said...

I'm not going to actually go onto their site from work, since I work for the Church and I don't want them to think they might have a prospective convert from the IP address. ;-)

That said, here is what their site's summary on Google describes them as:

A non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to Catholics around the world.

So yeah, it sounds like it's about what you think it is.

Kasia said...

Wow - now that I'm home I went on their site. Yeah - it's pretty much what you thought it was. Their web site is, if you want to prepare yourself for what might come your way...