Saturday, July 12, 2008

CoC Funeral

I went to a church of Christ funeral today. It was really kind of sad. It was just a graveside service--the preacher gave a sermon about how we all needed to come to Jesus before we died and we sang two hymns--Amazing Grace and Revive Us Again.

I have a problem with preachers preaching their funeral sermons about how the good majority of the audience is going to go to hell. At least this preacher didn't condemn people to Hell by name like I've seen done before.

It was strange because most of the people there were from my old congregation. I stood in the back with my other apostate cousins and said the rosary during the main part of the service.

There was something lacking with the whole service. I can't pinpoint exactly what, but it all felt very superficial.

O/T but even with someone musically trained leading the acapella hymns, there is still something to be said for instrumental music. There was one couple there neither of whom could carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it :)

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Kasia said...

The first explicitly Christian funeral I remember going to was in high school, of a 14-year-old friend of mine. The family was evidently some kind of Baptist or COC-type, because he gave a stirring hellfire sermon in which he informed us that unless we accepted Christ into our hearts, that day would be the last time we would ever see or speak to our friend.