Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding Reception Theme?

Ooh, I love it! (Even though it is just a joke.)

Just think: you could have a Catechism contest for who gets to be Torquemada...you and Adam could be Isabella and Ferdinand...your priest could play Pope Sixtus...and depending on what time of year you're getting married, maybe have a bonfire...

Too bad your family isn't Lutheran. You could really have some fun with that...

Kasia, if we didn't live in different states, I think we'd be good friends! :) I had suggested having a rack in the reception hall so I could use it on all the people who complain that a nuptial mass is too long.

My only problem is that I tend to get too Monty Pythonesque when thinking up wicked things to do to my families. You know, things like having the bridesmaids wear black cowls and carry whips or having someone wandering though saying "bring out yer dead!"

I do get a little giggle just thinking of it. Of course my family will already be absolutely scandalized because there will be drinking and dancing.

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Kasia said...

if we didn't live in different states, I think we'd be good friends!
I think so too, actually. :-) That's the beauty of the Internet - you get to see that there really are people like you out there!

Just this morning I was thinking about torture and the Catechism, and all the ticking-bomb scenarios that people bring up to justify torture, and all I could think was:


Which is probably one reason why I'm not a pop apologist...

Anyway, if you're ever up Detroit way, or if I'm ever down around Cincinnati, I think we should have lunch! :-)