Friday, June 20, 2008

That's It!

I am utterly frustrated at the thought of finding a wedding gown that is anything even close to modest! There's something wrong with every dress I try on--most notable is the distinct lack of fabric on the upper half. The dress I've liked best so far is a no-go without significant alterations. Unfortunately the vast majority of dresses in the bridal shops are strapless. Now, I'm not a small chested gal by any stretch of the imagination and I'm also short (5'2") so wearing a strapless gown will likely give Father a glimpse of something that neither he nor I would want him to see. Incredibly frustrating!

So I'm opting out. That's right, I refuse to purchase a wedding gown from a bridal shop. I have challenged my mother and she has agreed to put her sewing skills to the test.

Dad has agreed to buy her a nicer sewing machine and I will be purchasing her a dressmaker's dummy.

Check back for updates :)

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Kasia said...

Good for you! I didn't know a skilled enough seamstress, or at least, not one who was confident enough in her skills to agree to try. :-)

Bridal shops simply DO NOT CARRY sufficiently modest dresses. The best I got in a shop was an offer to have a strapless dress "built up" - bit expensive, and the dresses were already more than I wanted to spend. (And that offer only came in areas that catered to Muslims and Orthodox Jews.)

The Mormon sites were actually OK, but it's really disconcerting to buy something as significant as a wedding dress without seeing it in person. My dress, although modest enough, will need plenty of alterations as it is.

I'm really glad for you that you have a mom who (a) appreciates your modesty concerns, and (b) can sew.

Please do keep us posted!!!