Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stupid Files #1

File this under "Sin Makes You Stupid." I don't know what's worse, that my hometown breeds this kind of citizen or that city hall granted his group a permit to march through a predominantly-black area of the city. The same area of the city that was six year ago this month in full riot.

Apparently Cincinnati City Hall also makes you stupid.

Update: Well, apparently the march is temporarily off. Turns out the head of the loccal chapter has a warrant for his arrest. Imagine that.


Kasia said...

Well, regrettably there's Supreme Court precedent to back up CCH's decision. My guess is they decided to allow it because otherwise they'd get sued, have to pony up a lot of money, and then have to allow the march anyway.

The exact case name is escaping me right now, but it was a Klan march in Illinois, through a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. I want to say it was in Skokie...

Sara said...

While the city probably can't completely ban a march, they can impose restrictions as to the time, place and manner of the march. I would say that preventing more riots in a neighborhood that has had riots in recent history may serve as a compelling state interest in favor of restrictions.