Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

What is with the media and their Monday morning quarterbacking of the horrible events at Virginia Tech? No one was entirely sure what had gone on and the media were already criticizing university officials for their lockdown and slow notice to students. Have all these journalists forgotten their college days? Now, granted, my college days were in the dark ages (10 years ago) before everyone had cell phones and laptops, but I think this criticizing the Virginia Tech officials for what they did, didn't or shoulda done before the full story is even known is out of line.

My alma mater is roughly the same size and in the same type of setting as Virginia Tech. It took 20+ minutes to walk from one part of campus to the other. I can't imagine the university being able to get notice to all 20,000+ students had some tragedy occurred. As it was, there were riots on Court Street my freshman year, and I was even on Court Street when the events began to occur, but I didn't know there were riots until the next morning when my aunt in McAllen, TX called me and wanted to know why my school was being shown on CNN.

Sure we had campus police and I'm sure they had some kind of evacuation plan, but I'm also sure they never considered having to initialize it. They mostly dealt with underage drunks and thefts. I'm sure they never thought they'd have to deal with a gunman walking into a class building and opening fire. How would you even secure a classroom building?

What happened at Virginia Tech was horrible, but let the officials there deal with what needs to be done and don't armchair quarterback about an unprecedented situation.

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