Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bar Exam Day 2

I've concluded that today was more a test of endurance than a test of legal knowledge. Today was the second full day of sitting on a hard, metal chair in a freezing room. Instead of aggravating my carpal tunnel syndrome by writing for six hours, I spent the six hours today filling in bubbles for a multiple choice test.

Supposedly, the morning and afternoon portions of the MBE are of the same difficulty. I wouldn't be surprised to find that there is a significant drop in score between the morning and afternoon sessions. By the time the afternoon rolled around I was too tired and in too much pain to really give thought to the questions. I found myself wanting to just pick an answer and get it over with. That wouldn't have done any good though because no one is allowed to leave before the end of the time for the exam and until the proctors have collected all the materials.

Tomorrow is the final portion - six more essays over three hours. Then begins the wait until the end of October for results.

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~Joseph the Worker said...

I'm still not sure why the bar hasn't gone to be an online test.......Good luck!