Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dessert Making and Bridezillas

So, I just finished making two desserts for tomorrow's food day at work.  Cherry Cobbler and a dirt cake. Mmmmm...I love the cobbler recipe I found.  The crust is essentially a pound cake.  If I were serving it at a home dinner I would have whipped up some sweetened whipped cream to go with it, but we have limited refrigerator space at work and my dirt cake will be taking up a chunk of the refrigerator.

Wedding update:  We have gone cake tasting and have booked our baker.  Cakes by Clarissa we did a tasting of her devil's food and it was exquisite.  The cake will be three tiers: devils food with raspberry filling, marble with a whipped chocolate filling and strawberry with buttercream filling.  It will be fairly plain - the cake will be covered with fondant and each tier will have navy blue ribbon around the bottom.  I couldn't find a topper that didn't cause me to go into a semi-rant (that's a whole 'nother post) so I've decided on flowers for the top.  I'm thinking orange and red gerber daisies to go with the flowers I want for my bouquet.

On to Bridezillas.

While I was in the kitchen making the desserts, the show Bridezillas came on TV.  I know it's a reality show and they edit the events to create the most drama possible.  The episode had the usual "It's MY Day" whines but there was an argument between one of the brides and her husband-to-be.  This woman was telling her fiance that he was stupid and his family was stupid and everything he and his family did was stupid.  Whenever he would try to get a word in, she would shriek for him to shut up. 

It got me wondering how long some of these marriages actually last.  I got the sense that the bride had absolutely no respect for her husband-to-be.  If she doesn't respect him, then why is she marrying him?  If she gets this upset over one day, shouldn't he be worried that the rest of the marriage will be filled with much more stressful events that might provoke an even worse meltdown? 

My musing while mixing filling for the dirt cake was that these couples likely don't believe that the marriage is meant to last forever.  Me personally - I don't care what else happens, as long as Adam, Deacon Dave and our parents are there at the church I'm happy.  That's all I need. 

So why do I watch Bridezillas?  I don't very often, but nothing else more edifying was on TV tonight.  When I do watch, it's to remind myself that I don't want to be like that.

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meg4fancast said...

Omg agreed! Who would put up with this?! But I do love this show. It's like train wreck! Fancast now has Bridezillas! Check it out- Bridezillas on Fancast