Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Planning Update

School is over so now it's time to get to some serious wedding planning. Here's where I am so far:

Church - check (Immaculate Heart of Mary)
Pre-Cana - Scheduled for next weekend
Dress - check (Maxcinda from Bridal Online Store)
Guest List - check, but it's way bigger than I wanted
Photographer - check, and even better he's free since he'd my older brother.
Bride's attendants - check
Groom's attendants - not sure about this one yet.
Flowers - I'm thinking yellow roses and orange and red Gerber daisies, but haven't met with a florist yet.
Bridesmaid dresses - I've decided on a color, but we haven't found the dresses yet. The color will be navy blue.
Rehearsal dinner - I have an idea of what I want to have. I'm planning the rehearsal dinner as all of Adam's family live 1000 miles away.

The reception is proving to be a problem. My father is paying and my mother is not liking some of my choices. My first choice is one that my mother thinks is too far away from the church. None of the venues that are closer fit within the budget I've been given though. I finally told mom that she has until Wednesday to find somewhere closer to the church and within budget or I would go ahead and start making arrangements with my first choice.

So that's where things stand right now.

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Can't wait to hear more details unfolding...this sounds gorgeous! :-)