Thursday, January 01, 2009

I feel inadequate....

Adam and I went to mass today at Old St. Mary's in Over the Rhine. We didn't have any of the kids with us so we thought we'd go visit a different parish.

We sat in our pew and watched these large families come traipsing in - the girls were all in their mantillas and the boys were all wearing ties. They all sat so perfectly and quietly during mass. There was no visible elbowing of younger siblings. They weren't pretending to lead the choir. The parents didn't have to drag one of them out to the narthex halfway through the homily because he was deliberately doing something to make his sister cry.

The mass was beautiful and reverent, but I got lost in the Latin. Overall, it was a nice visit, but I think I'll stick with IHM where there are other families with awful kids :)

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